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with your software dedicated development team

We hire and manage teams of engineers who are a reliable extension of your in-house team.
We help them to become an integral part of your business processes and corporate culture.

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Extend your team with our talents

Your dedicated team will be based in Ukraine. You will have a full control of your employees and get
them easily whenever you need. There are 2 options of cooperation:

Team managed directly by you

You personally control the development process — resource allocation and planning.

With your dedicated team you will actually feel like developers are in the same office with you. They will thoroughly follow the processes of your core team and stick to your schedule.

Team managed by dedicated PM

You have a chance to build the development process through one person — dedicated technical PM.

You will spend less time on a management routine. Worry about nothing and keep building your business.


Benefits you get

Access to developers that are hard to find in your area and team extension of engineers with unique expertise.

No involvement into the routine of recruitment process and paperwork — we will select candidates with the right skills for you.

An opportunity to focus on your business development and not to worry about the details — we will take care of tax payments, office space rent, retaining of your team members, and we’ll make them happy.

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