At Yael Acceptic, we develop C++ based custom solutions in various domain areas. You can hire C++ developers with strong knowledge and substantial experience in C++ and Qt programming.

Areas of specialization
    Yael Acceptic's C++ software developers have expertise in the following areas:
  • Cross-platform applications
  • Native software development
  • Mobile applications
  • System software development
  • Audio and video processing software
  • Software for security devices and hardware-specific software
  • High-performance applications
Technical Expertise
    Hire C++ and Qt developers from Yael Acceptic and we'll help you develop:
  • Server applications and components
  • Standalone GUI applications
  • Applications for mobile devices
  • Distributed systems
  • Large enterprise level solutions
  • Plug-ins
  • Graphics programming using OpenGL and DirectX

We offer the following advantages

Advanced System Architecture

Prior to the development process, we analyze the project requirements and develop an optimized project architecture. Functional and non-functional system requirements such as efficiency, extensibility, maintainability and other qualities are main drivers for architectural decisions in custom software development.

Top-Qualified HR Professionals and Fast Recruiting

Our HR managers have vast expertise in building dedicated teams and constantly apply their first-hand knowledge in practice. Besides, they place a large database of developers at our customers' disposal.

Integrated Development Environment

Our specialists utilize a wide range of tools which allow registering bugs, tracking tasks, controlling versions of products and logging work time. In our work we use JIRA, PHP Storm, SVN / GitHub and other tools. We easily adapt to using various systems and tools when Yael Acceptic’s software engineers become part of our customer’s remote team.

Mature Quality Assurance

We execute a vast scope of QA activities – functional, non-fuctional, security, smoke, black box, white box, integration, system, incremental integration, load testing, etc. Our experts run unit tests, implement various other test automation approaches and conduct code reviews at every stage of development.

Transparent Pricing

Our customers select every member of their dedicated team and manage their own budget. Our pricing is as follows: a developer's salary + fixed payment for our services.

Scalable Engagement Model

We are always ready to adjust the size of our client’s dedicated team through hiring professionals on demand and/or making other changes.


If you have questions, need a free quote for your software development project or want to discuss possibilities for business cooperation, please contact our Sales and Business Relations Department info@acceptic.com:





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